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Wheel hoes nos. 500, 600, 700

The most efficient cultivating system for vegetable growers, backyard gardeners, research gardeners, gardening schools etc.
Wheel hoes fill the gap between hand hoes and motor driven hoes and are the most efficient human powered garden tool.
They present a cultivation and weeding system with a high level of cultivation accuracy, great speed and ease of operation.
Their excellent construction and solid design enable gardeners to increase efficiency without any extra effort.
eingesetzte Anbaugerät ist.
There are 8 different types of implements available in different sizes

Optional attachments:

Swivel joint for wheel hoe no. 700 no. 780
Conversion set to convert wheel hoe (no. 500)
to wheel hoe (no. 600).
no. 675

Available implements:

- Oscillating hoes

- 3-Tine cultivator

- Hiller / Furrower

- Goosefoot hoes

- Seeder

1-Wheel hoe no. 500
2-Wheels hoe no. 600
Wheel hoe no. 700
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