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Oscillating hoes Nos. 515-523

These are universal oscillating stirrup hoes for undercutting weeds, cultivating and soil preparation before sowing.
The blade is sharpened on the two horizontal and all four vertical edges.
The horizontal part of the blade moves parallel to the soil surface and is up to 8 - 10 times more efficient than a standard hoe.
The sharpened vertical edges make it possible to work very close to cultivated plants without disturbing their growth. Obstacles like roots or stones can be passed over with just a short, quick pull back of the hoe. This action raises the oscillating blade by about 2 cm.

Technical data:

Width of blades:
125mm (5”)
Art. Nr. 515/125
(with one joint)
175mm (7”)
Art. Nr. 516/175
200mm (8”)
Art. Nr. 517/200
225mm (9”)
Art. Nr. 518/225
250mm (10”)
Art. Nr. 519/250
Width of blades:
275mm (11”)
Art. Nr. 520/275
(with two joints)
300mm (12”)
Art. Nr. 521/300
325mm (13”)
Art. Nr. 522/325
350mm (14”)
Art. Nr. 523/350
Weight: 0.6 - 1.32 kg
Rust protection: powder coated
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