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Hand-torches for thermal weed control

Thermal weed-control does not mean burning weeds to ash. It simply involves heating weeds to 70ºC with the flame exhaust. At this temperature plant cells burst and the plant protein is destroyed. The plant then withers and dies.

No. A - Piccolo
Hand-torch „Piccolo”

Small torch with piezo-igniter
With 1.5 m (59") gas-hose and pressure control unit

Technical data:

Consumption of Propane: 0.6 kg/hour
Weight: 1.5 kg
No. A - RH20
Hand-torch „RH20”

Hand torch with piezo-igniter.
With hand-valve and 1.5m (59") gas-hose.
With pressure control unit.

Technical data:

Consumption of Propane: 2 kg/hour
Weigh: 2 kg
No. A - K97
High performance burner „K97”

This burner is a fixed burner and not a hand held torch.
The Propane gas evaporates inside the burner and not in the gas tank. This gives very high performance

Technical data:

Consumption of Propane: 6 kg/hour
Weight: 0.64 kg
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